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Stefan A. Fabaz Memorial Scholarship

Stefan A. Fabaz Memorial Scholarship

The Stefan A. Fabaz Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by the Fabaz family to provide Barrett Hospital & HealthCare employees with financial access to continuing education and learning opportunities at an accredited college, university or approved institution. A portion of the scholarship funds may also be used to purchase required course books. Stefan died in a tragic car accident in February 2006. He was a valued employee at Barrett Hospital & HealthCare.



Eligibility Requirements

The applicant must be a current hospital employee

The proposed educational course must directly relate to the employee’s job and/or profession

Funds may be used and or applied to course tuition and/or book fees


Fields of Interest

  • Medical skill development

  • Medical education development

  • Hospital department education development



Barrett Hospital Foundation does not make grants for the following purposes or activities:


  • Mileage reimbursement

  • Airfare

  • Meals

  • Entertainment

  • Lodging

  • Research

  • Course studies are not to be conducted during scheduled work hours


Grant Guidelines

Grant is limited to $1,000.00 per recipient


Up to 5 grants will be awarded


Application deadline July 1, 2023



Please submit the application to the Barrett Hospital Foundation office by July 1, 2023.  Your application must be complete and course information attached.

  • Name

  • Address

  • Country

  • City

  • State/Province

  • Postal Code

  • Position at Barrett Hospital & HealthCare

  • Years/months employed at Barrett Hospital & HealthCare

  • Work Phone

  • Home Phone

  • Name of School

  • School Address

  • School Phone

  • Years attended and/or date of acceptance

  • School Student ID or Scholarship Account

  • Name of Course

  • Dates of Course

  • Course Accreditations

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