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Where People Come First. Always

At Barrett Hospital & HealthCare, your best health is our priority. We personalize care based on your specific needs, interests, and lifestyle. Discover the difference Barrett makes.

Barrett Hospital & HealthCare in Dillon, Montana


Barrett Hospital & HealthCare, trust us to be your partner in health

At Barrett Hospital & HealthCare, our legacy is not just built on the care we’ve provided; it’s also defined by the lives we’ve touched and the healthcare landscape we’ve shaped through persistent dedication and outstanding medical service. Trust us to be your partner in health—yesterday, today, and for years to come.



More Like A Family

Get to know the dedicated professionals committed to your health and well-being. Each member of our medical team brings unparalleled skills and a compassionate approach to care, ensuring you receive the best possible medical attention.
Join us in exploring the following skilled providers and specialists who are accepting new patients and are here to serve you.

Barrett Hospital & HealthCare in Dillon, Montana

Tracy Roberts


Barrett Hospital & HealthCare in Dillon, Montana

Gregg Schellack


Barrett Hospital & HealthCare in Dillon, Montana

Peter Jennings


Barrett Hospital & HealthCare in Dillon, Montana


Careers At Barrett Hospital & HealthCare

At Barrett Hospital & HealthCare, we offer more than just a job; we provide an opportunity to be part of something exceptional. We are a dedicated team of healthcare professionals committed to providing high quality patient-centered care. When you choose to join our family, you're choosing to make a meaningful impact on the health and well-being of our community. With a supportive and inclusive workplace culture, opportunities for career growth, competitive benefits, and the unique charm of living in Dillon, Montana, Barrett Hospital & HealthCare is not just a workplace; it's a place where you can thrive both personally and professionally.


Join us in our mission to deliver exceptional care and be part of a healthcare community that values your contributions, believes in your potential, and celebrates your achievements. Discover your path to a rewarding career with Barrett Hospital & HealthCare today.


Useful Resources

Barrett Hospital & HealthCare in Dillon, Montana

Community Benefit Report

The annual Community Benefit Report is a planned, managed, and measured approach that shows how Barrett Hospital & HealthCare participates in meeting identified community health needs. It exists to document two components of total community benefit: the cost of uncompensated care and the additional services and programs offered expressly for the purpose of providing added value to the community.

Barrett Hospital & HealthCare in Dillon, Montana

Community Health Needs Assessment & Plan

Get a clear view of the health of our community. Using the Community Health Needs Assessment Report and Plan, you can get a community snapshot, to explore the area’s demographics and identified community health needs and how Barrett Hospital & HealthCare will execute to address the health needs.


News & Events

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