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Physical Therapy

Most people associate physical therapy with post-surgical care. While this is one application of it, there are actually a lot of reasons to turn to physical therapy.  In fact, receiving physical therapy before an issue becomes too serious can help you avoid surgery altogether.  At Barrett Hospital & HealthCare, our physical therapists can help you with everyday pain, persistent soreness, loss of mobility or the ability to function at a previous level.  

Manual therapy has been found to decrease edema, pain, spasms, and swelling, enhance health, wellness, and performance.  We focus on the following areas:

  • Orthopedic rehabilitation to restore movement and function in joints, bones, and muscles.  This includes neck, lower back or pelvic pain or dysfunction, any ailments affecting the extremities.

  • Osteoporosis or arthritis

  • Spinal stability and posture, core retraining

  • Neurological rehabilitation of diagnoses that effect the nervous system (Stroke, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Brain Injury, Congenital Defects, other various diagnoses, and deficits)

  • Persistent or chronic pain                                                     

  • Impaired balance and fall prevention

  • Dizziness or vertigo

  • Sports performance and recovery related to fracture, subluxation or dislocation, sprains and strains, other soft tissue injury

We offer additional specialized therapy:


Aquatic Therapy - offers the perfect solution for reducing stress on the body, allowing you to exercise with less pain. Discuss with your therapist if this could be part of your plan of care.  We provide weekly therapy at the local YMCA.


LSVT BIG® - Evidence-based treatment for Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders, shown to improve balance and overall function.  Graduates of the LSVT BIG program in our clinic will have access to continue care with us at the YMCA.

Women’s Health-Pregnancy, post-partum, pelvic floor and incontinence training. 


Dry Needling – specialized training by several of our physical therapists who can provide a treatment technique to reduce pain and movement impairments with a needle (without medication or injection).


Hand Therapy – improve hand function with assessment and treatment utilization of modalities, custom splinting or bracing, other therapy techniques.

Ergonomic and Work Site Assessments – improve posture and body mechanics to reduce or eliminate injury at work. We will review job-related tasks and offer solutions to minimize impact that can lead to pain or injury.


Pediatric Therapy – more specific assessment and treatment for developmental delays that begin in childhood but may continue throughout the lifespan.


Performance Training -offers highly specialized training and injury assessment and treatment.  If you are looking for performance improvement, our team will design a training program that is more efficient at meeting your individual specific needs and desired fitness goals.  You’ll be able to train safely and achieve results faster.


Physical Therapy can help you be yourself again—whether it’s getting back in the game or simply being able to keep up with your kids and grandkids.  Find out how the team at Barrett Hospital & HealthCare can help you get up and get moving again.

Schedule a Physical Therapy appointment today at 406-683-3098
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