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Walk-In Clinic

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Walk-In Clinic

When it’s not an emergency, and you want to see a medical provider today, M-F from 7:30 am - 4:00 pm.


Walk-In medical care allows you to see a provider 5 days a week, without making an appointment.  If it’s not an emergency, but you have a medical issue, our Walk-In Clinic for same-day care can address your health concerns and help you feel better faster.  Walk-ins are seen on a first come, first served basis.


We are ready for you at the Walk-In Clinic for medical conditions which require prompt care - but are not life-threatening.  The Walk-In Clinic provides you with the care you need for a variety of minor illnesses and injuries such as: 

  • Cough, cold, flu **

  • Any new or worsening pain                          

  • Sore/strep throat **   

  • Urinary tract infections

  • Minor cuts, burns, wounds

  • Minor injuries (fractures/sprains)

  • Rash or new skin conditions

  • Sinus Infections**

  • Ear/Eye Infections

  • Mild abdominal pain

  • Persistent diarrhea/vomiting

  • Fever**

  • New or increased shortness of breath**

  • Sports physicals only

Note:** If arriving to Clinic with these signs or symptoms, we ask that you wear a mask for your safety and the safety of others.

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However, please go to the Emergency Department if you have:

  • Chest pain or pressure, dizziness or other heart attack symptoms

  • Stroke symptoms (numbness in face/arms, face drooping, slurred speech)

  • Severe Shortness of breath

  • Severe cuts

  • Severe burns

  • Head injuries with a loss of consciousness

  • Severe abdominal pain

  • Unexplained high fever

  • A baby younger than twelve months with breathing trouble or high fever

  • Severe or unusual headache

  • Convulsions or seizures

  • Emergency childbirth

  • Bleeding that does not stop

  • Drug overdose

  • Poisoning

  • Life-threatening injuries

  • Severe allergic reactions

  • Suicidal thoughts 

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