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Wellness Program

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Wellness Program

At Barrett Hospital & HealthCare we are committed to your health, every step of the way. We are pleased to offer the following resources to help you get and stay healthy:


Annual Community Wellness Screenings We offer routine lab work on an annual basis at greatly reduced prices for community members. Annual blood screenings are a key component for preventing degenerative diseases. By providing a comprehensive snapshot of your current state of health, blood screening can catch potential health problems in their early stages when they can be managed most effectively.

Kennedy Trail

The 0.7 mile paved walking trail located on the south campus of Barrett Hospital & HealthCare offers many physical and psychological benefits. The trail is open year-round and as the name implies, a favorite activity is walking. Walk alone for the solitude or walk with a friend for encouragement and good conversation. Few exercises are as enjoyable and beneficial to your health as walking. 

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