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Telehealth Virtual Visits

Barrett Hospital & HealthCare offers virtual visits for primary care and behavioral health appointments. Save travel time, skip the waiting room and meet with providers for secure appointments in the comfort of your home—or wherever it’s most convenient. Simply use a smart phone, tablet or computer with a camera, microphone and strong internet services to meet face-to-face with providers you know and trust.   


A virtual visit is scheduled when both patient and provider agree the appointment will meet the patient's needs and is right for his or her symptoms or situation. Virtual visits are often used for:

  • Follow-up appointments after an illness

  • Medication review visits

  • Mental health appointments with a licensed counselor so they can establish care, determine next steps, and in some cases, perform counseling sessions

  • Management of chronic conditions or illnesses

  • People with cold or respiratory symptoms to determine if additional care is needed

Convenient care without compromising quality—what virtual visits are and what you need 


Virtual visits are real-time video meetings with your provider

Using Zoom, a secure video platform, you will see and speak to a provider in real time—just as you do when you're in the same room. 

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What you need to connect

Use a smart phone, tablet or computer with a microphone and camera for your virtual visit. You also need good internet services. 


Use Zoom 

If you are using a smart phone or tablet, go to your app store and search Zoom. Select Zoom Cloud Meetings and download the free app. You do not need to download the app if you are using a computer. The day of your virtual visit


Use instructions from your email

The day of your appointment, open the email from Barrett Hospital & HealthCare about your virtual appointment. This message will contain the link to your visit. Remember to use the email address that you provided to us (that Barrett Hospital & HealthCare has on file for you).


Start your visit

Shortly before your visit, click the link provided in your email to start your appointment. Select join with video call* and call using Internet audio* so your provider can see and hear you. *Wording for these prompts may vary depending on the device you are using (e.g., iPhone vs. Android smartphone). 


You will enter the virtual waiting room

After you’ve clicked the link to start your visit, you will be directed to the virtual waiting room. You don’t need to click anything on this screen; your provider will join you shortly! 


Call if you need us—we're happy to help!

If you experience technical difficulties, need assistance, have misplaced the email from Barrett Hospital & HealthCare with the link for your visit or have questions, please call 406-683-1188. Someone will happily help you.  
To learn more about Virtual Visits, talk to your provider or call 


Please DO NOT access virtual visits using MyChart

If you are a MyChart user, you will also receive a message and link for your virtual visit in your MyChart account. DO NOT use this link; it will not access your virtual visit. The link in MyChart is currently invalid and will not connect you with your provider. Use the link sent to your email instead. 

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