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Press Release: Barrett Hospital & HealthCare Nurse Amber Sitz Honored as One of Southwest Montana's Top 10 Nurses

Updated: May 13

Barrett Hospital & HealthCare is proud to announce that Amber Sitz, a dedicated member of our nursing staff, has been recognized by the Montana Standard in honor of National Nurses Week in May as one of the top 10 nurses in Southwest Montana. This prestigious recognition highlights Amber’s exceptional dedication, expertise, and compassionate patient care in the medical field.

Amber Sitz, who has been part of the Barrett Hospital & HealthCare team for several years, has consistently demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to patient care. Her attention to detail, clinical skills, and compassionate bedside manner set her apart as a leader in our nursing staff. Amber’s advocacy for patient safety and her ability to inspire

her peers have made significant impacts on our healthcare services and the well-being of our community.

Credit photo: Joseph Scheller, The Montana Standard

The selection process for the Montana Standard’s Top 10 Nurses involves thorough consideration of nominations submitted by peers, patients, and family members, making this recognition not only a professional honor but also a testament to the personal connections Amber has fostered within and beyond the hospital walls.

“We are incredibly proud of Amber and all that she has accomplished,” said Carolyn Hansen, Chief Clinical Officer of Barrett Hospital & HealthCare. “Her recognition as one of Southwest Montana’s top nurses is well-deserved. Amber embodies the high standards of care and patient advocacy that Barrett Hospital & HealthCare stands for. Her commitment to excellence in nursing is admirable, and we are fortunate to have her on our team.”

Amber’s recognition serves as an inspiring example for all healthcare professionals and is a proud moment for Barrett Hospital & HealthCare. She will be officially honored in a special ceremony hosted by the Montana Standard, and her story will be featured in an upcoming special section of the newspaper.


About Barrett Hospital & HealthCare:

Barrett Hospital & HealthCare is a nationally recognized healthcare institution in Dillon, Montana, committed to providing exceptional patient-centered care across various medical specialties. With a state-of-the-art facility, along with primary care and specialty care clinics, and a dedicated team of medical professionals, Barrett Hospital & HealthCare delivers comprehensive healthcare services to the local community. More information can be found at

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