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Jeff Martin Leadership Award for 2023

Updated: May 20

Barrett Hospital & HealthCare Honored with Prestigious 2023 Jeff Martin Leadership Award for Advancements in Opioid Safety and Patient Care

Dillon, Montana, April 18, 2024 – Barrett Hospital & HealthCare, a leading provider of

comprehensive health services in Montana, proudly announces its recognition by

Yellowstone Insurance Exchange, RRG with the distinguished Jeff Martin Leadership

Award for 2023. This esteemed accolade celebrates the hospital's exemplary

commitment to enhancing patient safety and delivering high-quality care, specifically in

the realm of opioid safety, within the community it serves.

The Jeff Martin Leadership Award recognizes healthcare institutions that demonstrate an

unwavering dedication to advancing patient safety. Barrett Hospital & HealthCare's

significant contributions to reducing opioid overprescribing and educating staff set a

commendable standard for patient-centered care and innovation.

A Milestone in Community Health Improvement

Under the guidance of a dedicated team of healthcare professionals, Barrett Hospital &

HealthCare launched an opioid safety program aimed at dramatically reducing the risks

associated with opioid prescribing and usage. By implementing prescribing guidelines,

enhancing patient education on pain management alternatives, and educating staff, the

initiative has led to noteworthy improvements in patient outcomes and overall

community health.

"Our team is honored to receive the Jeff Martin Leadership Award," said Taylor Rose,

Chief Executive Officer of Barrett Hospital & HealthCare. "This recognition reflects our

ongoing commitment to not only meet but exceed the expectations for patient care in

our community. Reducing opioid-related harm is a critical component of our mission, and

we're proud to see our efforts make a tangible difference."

A Catalyst for Change

The initial success of Barrett Hospital & HealthCare's opioid safety program serves as an

influential model for other healthcare institutions seeking to mitigate the opioid crisis in

their communities. The proactive measures undertaken demonstrate the significant

impact healthcare providers can have in curbing the opioid epidemic's toll through

leadership, innovation, and compassionate care.

"We believe that the strategies we've implemented can inspire change beyond our

hospital walls," Rose added. "Sharing our successes and challenges with the broader

healthcare community is part of our commitment to combating the opioid crisis on a

national scale."

As Barrett Hospital & HealthCare celebrates this prestigious award, it remains dedicated

to pushing the boundaries of healthcare excellence and improving the lives of those it

serves. The Jeff Martin Leadership Award not only honors the hospital's achievements in

enhancing patient safety and delivering high-quality care, but also shines a spotlight on

its program concerning the critical issue of opioid safety, urging continued progress and

collective action in the healthcare industry.

About Barrett Hospital & HealthCare:

Barrett Hospital & HealthCare is a nationally recognized healthcare institution in Dillon,

Montana, committed to providing exceptional patient-centered care across various

medical specialties. With a state-of-the-art facility, along with primary care and specialty

care clinics, and a dedicated team of medical professionals, Barrett Hospital &

HealthCare delivers comprehensive healthcare services to the local community. More

information can be found at

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